Confidence & Comfort

Meet the Fall & Summer 22 Collection

  • You taught me to never take “no” for an answer, especially when people are trying to create a barrier to prevent me from reaching my goals. Instead, I’ve learned from living with you, that I have to at least try to break the rules in order for those barriers to come down.

    - Rodje Cotton

  • “When you break a few rules in life, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you lived your life according to your terms”

    - Amy Morin


    Got my Creee top I'm in loveeee can't wait to wear my sets

    - Kayla Ortiz


    Of course proud of you I'll continue to support (especially with scholarship contributions) you're living in your purpose. Keep it up champ

    -Breahana Harris

  • There is always that one special person in your life that always has the energy of life that keeps your pulse beating. Candiss, the owner and founder of CREE. is that person for me. As a big brother, Candiss naturally looks to me for guidance and direction, however it’s important that Candiss and the rest of the world know that she is source of perseverance and power for me! Lil sis’ - I’m so proud of who you are and that you are building a foundation of all things CREE.

    - Big Brudda Cam Party Harty

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Explore the foundations of CREE and what inspired this fashion brand for modern working people who value style alongside daily aspirations.