About CREE.


Where finance meets fashion. A trailblazer within the industry, CREE. champions the professional and work from home boss. CREE. challenges you to push limits, break barriers, to think critically, and act radically. Our fashion creates an experience that allows bosses to be bosses but in style. Your professionalism is respected and your world class touch is appreciated and embodied in your CREE. armor. Consider yourself polished for any and all fires that need putting out today.

During hard times or not, fashion is always a necessity in my world. CREE. is a loungewear brand that is challenging what it feels like to be confident and comfortable. CREE. is for the ones who sit in front of the computer and come correct daily. The people who get up, go get lunch, go for a walk, happy hour, nail appointment, or whatever is on your agenda for the day. This line represents TRU FASHION. CREE. has a focus, specifically catering to those who prioritize their business on a daily basis. Those who understand and value these fundamental elite characteristics align with our brand. CREE. encourages you to be your best! Nothing less, love!

 CREE. From Home

We'll speak to the modern day boss who's breaking barriers within their industries while doing it in style. Our campaign is sharp, elevated and motivating.